NOTE ~ My preference is to do TRE in person from my home at Bowden House, Totnes, Devon, UK, but if you have done any TRE before, with me or anyone else, I am happy to facilitate further individual sessions on Zoom. If you are new to TRE and due to distance or other restrictions are keen to do even your first session online, then email me and let’s talk about it (see Contact).


What is TRE (pronounced T.R.E.)?

  • Tension and trauma Releasing Exercises, created by Dr David Berceli, that fatigue your muscles and facilitate natural therapeutic tremors.
  • These tremors, or shakes, release muscular tension, trauma, and held patterns by resetting primitive reflexes.
  • TRE is a simple tool to complete stress/trauma cycles ~ past and present. (When stressed, we tend to prevent the healing cycle by contracting and ‘holding ourselves together’, whereas wild animals shake off stress.)
  • Once learned well from a TRE Provider, it is a self-help tool for life.

How can TRE help you?

  • TRE calms the nervous system as it discharges stress, which increases your sense of well-being and can help you find deeper sleep and relaxation.
  • It releases fear and shock imprints in your body from accidents, violence, illnesses, and traumas, no matter when they occurred.
  • It creates embodiment (grounding), reconnects us with parts of the body we’ve lost touch with or numbed out.
  • It can assist the release of sexual ‘blockages’.
  • TRE is used widely to help deep trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (I don’t yet work with severe PTSD).


What to expect in a session

  • TRE introduction (first time)
  • Check-in re your state of being/physical limitations
  • Muscle fatiguing exercises x 7. These can be adjusted according to your limitations.
  • Tremors/shakes and rests. Usually on a yoga mat on the floor.
  • Tea, feedback and questions. How was it for you? Where next?


Why I offer TRE

I believe in holistic healing, which includes mind, body, emotions, spirit and environment. My counselling has always included numerous approaches to cover these elements, and yet how to release imprints on the body of shock and trauma remained elusive. It became increasingly clear that without working with body physiology, unreleased past imprints and tension would still hijack the now and prevent us from being fully present and relaxed.

When I first experienced TRE, I knew I’d found my missing piece (or peace) and signed up for the training immediately. My own experiences have been so transformational that I am passionate about assisting others to create their own personal TRE practice.

It is common that those coming to learn TRE are also keen to be supported through grief or challenging circumstances. After a couple of TRE sessions with most of the focus on the TRE, we can, if required, create hybrid sessions including both verbal support and the body release work.


Choices and Costs

A minimum of four guided sessions are recommended to prepare you to use TRE as a lifelong stress release practice (six would be ideal), however you are very welcome to come and try it once. For those with deeper issues, it is wise to continue supported sessions until the time feels right to go it alone. Some continue to gift themselves with regular sessions in this healing space away from home because the structured holding guarantees that the self-care and de-stressing will continue.

Payment is by cash at the end of each session or by bank transfer preferably before meeting or the same day when it is still in your mind. PayPal can be used if need be.

Please send an email letting me know when payment has been made.

NB. If paying by bank transfer, please create a strategy for remembering.



Personal sessions to help you learn how to safely release tension/trauma.

Cost range for individual TRE sessions (according to means):

£50 ~ £80 (1.5 hours)

Tune in to what you can honestly afford and pay according to your means. If you pay more, it supports those who have less to give.


1 hr 45 min with your significant other or friend, enabling you to support each other as you learn this powerful stress-release tool.

Cost range for Twosome TRE sessions:

£65 ~ £95 for both of you (1 hr 45 min)

Tune in to what you can honestly afford and pay according to your means. If you pay more, it supports those who have less to give.



This is a spacious 2 hours with two friends or colleagues experiencing TRE together followed by sharing, tea and treats.

The fixed cost cost for TREMOR TRIOS is £35 per person including tea & treats.


Cancellations/ ‘No shows’

Please value my time. If you cancel within 24 hours or just don’t show, you will be asked to give full payment.


 Stress/ trauma disturbs the homeostatus of the integrated system of the human body. This causes it to have differentiated parts and disharmonious experiences.

Dr. Dan Siegel

The tremor mechanism accesses these differentiated parts and disharmonious experiences and reorganises them into an integrated whole so that the body can function again in an integrated manner. Self-induced therapeutic tremors restore the harmony of the organism and return the body back into a fluid, flexible and integrated system.

Dr. David Berceli



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