Heartful Relationship Coaching

Heartful Relationship Coaching supports the release of dysfunctional patterns that prevent flow and freedom in relationships.

I will support you if you are:

  • wanting to improve your communication & relationships for life
  • aiming for conscious, authentic communication
  • willing to focus on your own way of relating
  • ready to observe and laugh at your ego’s antics
  • wanting solid support to find your centre
  • committed to practising new ideas and skills
  • interested in mindfulness and self-awareness

Conscious Communication is the bedrock of great relationships and relationships are a crucible for self-awareness and heartful living.

My communication experience

I was speechless as a young child for no apparent reason and unable to connect with others or life in a normal fashion. Locked in my inner world, I became an avid people-watcher with a growing fascination in how humans relate to each other and to life. This has never waned.

I was frequently upset in my younger years by the blatant mismatch between what people said and what they meant or appeared to be feeling. I longed to know how to relate well, especially if I were to have children. I still cannot comprehend why the fundamental life skills of Effective Relating are not central on every school’s curriculum. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I would have to unlearn and replace much of what I had absorbed from the way others spoke and behaved in order to communicate successfully and to form rich relationships.

Replace with what? It was this question that spurred me on to become a hunter/gatherer of wisdom that works to enhance relationships. After decades of collection and practise, this wisdom has become the content for Heart of Relating: Communication Beyond Ego ~ a comprehensive course that I use to support all my coaching sessions.

About Heartful Relationship Coaching Sessions

We will be working from the inside-out to help you relate as much as possible from your essential core ~ beyond ego and persona ~ where you are taking responsibility for your part in any challenge rather than blaming anyone or anything outside of yourself.

Before you contact me, please read the article called ‘A Revolution in Relationships’ in ‘Articles’ that includes a model of the outside-in and inside-out paradigms of relating so that you can comprehend where I coming from in my work and can decide whether you want to be living more fully in the inside-out paradigm. If so, contact me for a first appointment.

You are unique in your needs and my task is to support you, therefore the first session will be used to discover how exactly I can best do that by listening to you and asking some specific questions. If we feel that we can work well together, we will make a flexible plan that can address any challenges you have in communication and relationships, which also includes your relationship with yourself.

A series of sessions works best, unless you have one specific thing that you want to focus on. I might dip into Heart of Relating to find the sections with practical exercises that dovetail specifically with your needs, so expect some fascinating homework.

In person or on Skype

Sessions are available both in person and on Skype at the same cost. If you live locally I recommend that we meet face to face. You will be asked to call in at our agreed time from a quiet room with no distractions if Skyping.

Carmella has made a massive difference to how I view my life and develop relationships. Practical suggestions changed day to day habits within many relationships in personal and work situations. I am so much happier in myself these days. Many doors have opened within my heart, mind and my life. Poppy, Therapist (Birmingham, UK)

Cost and Timing

Payment is by sliding scale according to your means. You are asked to tune in to what you can honestly afford.

All first One-on-one sessions are £35 for 1.5 hours. This gives us a sense of spaciousness with less financial commitment to explore your challenges and whether we are moved to continue to work together.

Cost range for subsequent sessions:

£35 ~ £50 (1 hour)

£45 ~ £60 (1.5 hours)

Speak to me confidentially about what you can afford before the first session. The more generous you are able to be, the more this supports those who presently have less resources.

Payment is by cash, cheque at the end of each session. Bank transfers welcome but to be paid within 24 hours with an email informing me that the payment has been done. PayPal can be used if outside UK.


You are requested to check any time difference and call before 9:30 pm GMT to make your appointment or email me, including a landline number in messages if you have one. Daytime sessions are preferable but exceptions can be made. See ‘Contacts’ for details.

Cancellations/no shows

I ask you to value my time. Please let me know as far in advance as possible if you need to change your appointment. If you simply do not turn up or call at the agreed time, you will asked to pay the full agreed amount, so remember to put the date in your diary/calendar.

I was in a frozen dilemma when I contacted Carmella. I wanted to change a relationship with my sister as I kept falling back into the same uncomfortable behaviour. Conversations with Carmella were nothing short of transformative. In a gentle and honest way she presented me with observations, suggestions, challenges and a way forward. Anon (The Midlands, UK)


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