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Are you ready to move towards re-emergence through your grief? No matter what it’s about, I will be there for you and you can rest in the knowledge that I speak from personal experience. Sessions in Devon, UK or by Zoom.

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Is a relationship in trouble? Do you feel stuck in your communication? If you are humble enough to look at the antics of your own ego so that you can step towards relating authentically from the heart of who you are, I can help you. Sessions in Devon, UK or by Zoom.

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I am delighted to offer a body centred way of releasing tension, stress and trauma without having to speak about or understand the causes. TRE uses the body intelligence to discharge stress by tremoring/shaking. In person in Totnes, Devon.

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Book Links

  • Benjaya’s Gifts

      Benjaya’s Gifts is a captivating and intimate true story, which takes us on a journey into the heart of...

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  • Mourning Has Broken

      Mourning Has Broken is filled with stories told to the author by people from many walks of life and...

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  • Heart of Relating

      HEART OF RELATING enhances relationships by providing nitty-gritty answers to these questions… and more: 1.  How do I recognise and...

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