Mourning Has Broken


Mourning Has Broken is filled with stories told to the author by people from many walks of life and nationalities who have broken through rather than broken down after facing trauma or adversity. It is for anyone being tested by life or with wounds that need healing, and for anyone who is working in, or simply interested in, the field of healing and transformation. Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, calls it “A handbook for healing a broken heart” but you don’t have to have a broken heart to be moved and enriched by these powerful stories.

The individual challenges of cancer, AIDS, divorce, the prospect of death, a car crash, a house fire, suicide, war, and the collective challenge of the events of September 11th, are all given voice.

This book contains practical keys to handling the shadows of life and beginning the process of healing. Questions and Reflections pages give exercises to assist the process of personal transformation and to help with integration of the learning. However, this book goes far beyond practical help regarding recovery – it is an inspirational book that feeds the hunger for greater meaning and purpose in life.

Carmella speaks from a place of deep personal experience, an initiation brought about by the drowning of her first son, Benjaya – a story that she includes in the book. This event subsequently became her greatest teacher. She seeks to raise spirits, leaving readers enriched and more optimistic about their own life path, and she sets out to answer the question: How can those facing the greatest hardships take this opportunity to wake up from automatic pilot and stand strong and resilient in the face of further challenge? In doing so she has produced a potential blueprint for holistic healing in our lives.

The readers’ quotes and reviews testify to the impact of experiencing this book as a crucible for change


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Quotes from Readers’ Letters

Your book is so profound, so wonderful, so multi-faceted. I personally resounded with many of the pieces. Overall, FABULOUS - a real gift that will resound and resound. It is perfectly inspiring and not depressing at all. It's well written, well organized, represents a lot of different perspectives, and by moving through this 'crucible' you are changed - in ways that are not easy to pinpoint - to me the only mark of great work. I loved it and I thank you from the bottom of my soul for sharing this with me. Laura Parker Roerdon (Boston)

You have done a fabulous job. The presentation is solid, clear, engaging, meaningful, powerful, touching etc. I believe you have a winner here. Elaine Seiler (World Traveler) is utterly beautiful. What you have to say is always haunting but the way you say it is so evocative and poetic. Morna Martell (New York City)

Thanks so much for writing Mourning Has Broken. We have recently relocated to upstate New York as we were living two blocks from Ground Zero. My 5-year-old daughter and I were standing four blocks away in her schoolyard when it happened. Reading your book helped me to connect with a lot of pain around that experience and has aided my healing process in a profound way... Thanks for the inspiration. Lynn Fischer (New York)

Your book is incredible - powerful, and such an act of love. It touched an incredible chord and offered help in the face of recent trauma where the rest of us could not go. Alison S (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

The stories are wonderfully told... Your comments are right on. I have marked several of them and hope to be able to use them in my workshops and perhaps in my new book. I will certainly reference you and in the case of workshops, urge people to get your book. JHG (New York City)

Wow, what a contribution to the world when so many are experiencing such wrenching heartbreak. And what a wonderful learning tool for everyone on the spiritual path. I am so touched by these stories. I can't thank you enough for this unexpected and most precious gift, and I will cherish it... Know that I am learning from you each day as I read your wonderful book. Sue K. (USA)

Mourning has Broken has touched me so much. I am a 44 yr. old woman who has had a share in suffering in one way or another and while reading your book there was a profound 'YES'... a leaping forward. The honesty in it is so valuable. So a BIG THANK YOU!!!! SDM (UK)

Reviews of Mourning Has Broken

...ignites the reader's courage to face and move through adversity and affliction, with dignity, grace, depth of faith & increased character. Angeles Arrien (author of The Four-Fold Way)

Mourning Has Broken is inspiring, wise, and practical - a handbook for healing a broken heart. Real intelligence about emotions. Daniel Goleman (author of Emotional Intelligence)

This book illuminates a practical framework for healing from loss and trauma and offers pearls of wisdom that help put suffering in a wider and richer context. Linda Lantieri, Educators for Social Responsibility. Director of The Inner Resilience Program (New York City) intelligent and deeply touching read. I think this book has a great deal to contribute, not only to people who are immersed in adverse life situations, but also to help professionals with supporting others in a similar situation. It touched me in a deeply profound way. Spirituality and Health International (Volume 5 Issue 1 2004)

Mourning Has Broken is of particular appeal to me since I have a certification in Thanatology and am also certified in Death and Grief Studies. I especially liked that Carmella included so many different stories about loss, not just the loss one experiences when a loved one dies. There are other losses people endure that may elicit as much, if not more, pain. This broad framework of loss is commonly overlooked when addressing grief... Marc A. Markell, Reclaiming Children and Youth (Winter 2003)

Moving, realistic, practical, challenging, grounded in genuine experience. Caduceus Magazine (Issue 59, Spring 2003)

A remarkable follow-up to the author's earlier book, Benjaya's Gifts. As Daniel Goleman says: A handbook for healing the broken heart. David Lorimer, Science and Medical Network's Network Review (Summer 2003)

...a guide to healing the soul... all who have suffered should at least check out. Full of practical advice on how to survive trauma, Carmella's book goes way beyond the accepted survival techniques. Marthe Gomer, The Daily Express (November 16th, 2002)

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