Heart of Relating


HEART OF RELATING enhances relationships by providing nitty-gritty answers to these questions… and more:

1.  How do I recognise and release dysfunctional behaviours in my relationships with myself, others and life?

2.  How can I relate and communicate from my centre ~ beyond my ego and persona ~ and find myself again?

3.  How can I strengthen my “awareness antennae” and align my outer expressions with my inner states?


“Let’s lobby to put this book on the school curriculum.”
Carole Anne Rice (The Daily Express)



 Heart of Relating is much more than a book!

It is an easy-to-use handbook containing a cutting-edge course in the art of relating from the heart of who we are and offers an experience based on this premise:

If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” Eckhart Tolle

It invites you to be part of the global revolution in relating; clearly depicts the predominant “outside-in” and the emerging “inside-out” paradigms of relating; and helps you to recognise where you stand and where you want to be.

You can dip and dive and play with the teachings that grab you, use it as a structured course or as a resource to loosen relationship tangles. Therapists can use it to support clients; teachers to support students; couples, families and groups to support each other. Share the week’s topic at home or work and kick-start lively conversations.

The 52 sections (one per week) include powerful stories, quotes, wisdoms and practice pages for applying practical skills to daily living. These transformative practices include journal work.

 “This is truly a Course in Miracles for relationships.”
Malcolm Stern (Co-founder of Alternatives, Psychotherapist and Author)





Click above to see the book’s comprehensive contents, the Introduction, a useful model of the Inside-out and Outside-in paradigms of relating and the first week’s lesson.





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Communication Beyond Ego

“A ‘Course in Miracles’ for relationships.”
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