Cambridge Events

​Good Grief
Finding keys to healthy grieving

a 3-hour workshop

with Carmella B’Hahn

Sunday 13th May, 10am til 1pm

Reading Room, Grantchester Village Hall, CB3 9NG

Whether you are in personal grief or are supporting others in grief, whatever your interest you are welcome. The workshop will explore strategies that work to ease grief ~ your own and others’. It will offer insights and deeper understanding about the grieving process and suggest how we might use the opportunity offered by the intense short term window of loss to access our innate resilience. It will show how, when we are on automatic pilot, our physiology is affected by both our own grief and the grief of others and will suggest ways in which we can support ourselves in this.

Any feelings that arise will be welcome, although the focus will stay with the group needs rather than individual processing.

This workshop is for a maximum of 15 people.

Cost: £30/£25 concession if booked before 29th April

£40/£35 concession if booked after this date

You can book your place here.

Contact Carmella for more information.


Opportunity for personal grief counselling

Carmella is offering personal sessions in central Cambridge during the day and evening of Friday, May 11. Please see her website for details about her work.
After a first face-to-face session at an introductory price of £30 for 1.5 hours, if you feel moved to do so, the relationship could continue via Skype.

If interested, please email her to arrange a time that works for you:

[email protected]  or call 01803 867005.

If no reply, leave a landline number if you have one.


About Carmella B’Hahn

Carmella is an author, Bereavement Counsellor, Heartful Relationship Coach and workshop facilitator with 37 years of experience in the field of personal development and self-awareness. She also teaches TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises) ~ a body- centred way of discharging tension and trauma by utilising the body’s innate tremor mechanism.

She moved from working with holistic birth (bringing water birth into the UK in the 80s) to working with grief after her 5-year-old son drowned in a local river in 1992, followed by two miscarriages. She says, “The tough life experiences I’ve endured taught me the importance of living from my inner strength and identifying with who I am rather than what has happened to me.

Carmella has authored two books on the subject of thriving through grief and adversity ~ Benjaya’s Gifts and Mourning Has Broken. Her third book, Heart of Relating: Communication Beyond Ego is an easy-to-use handbook to help transform our relationships with self, life and others.

She was a consultant and retreat facilitator for the Inner Resilience Project in New York City 2002-2016, which supported school personnel to recover from the horrors of the World Trade Centre attacks when hundreds of them ran for their lives, shoeless with children in hand. It soon became clear that they needed these retreats to connect with their inner resilience before this tragedy occurred. She conducted many personal counselling sessions and led grief workshops on these retreats.

Carmella lives in an intentional, eco-mindful community in Devon, England, which she co-founded in 2005 ~ a grand experiment in conscious living and relating.

You can find out more about her on the rest of her website.