Buy One, SET One Free. . . What’s it all about?

Peaky Buy One Set One Free

This is a campaign to call out generosity in those who are inspired to spread the message of HEART OF RELATING: Communication Beyond Ego. You are encouraged to buy one copy for yourself and one (or more) to donate to the Heartwood Giveaway.

When the books given reach the eyes of the Lotus Servant statue in my hall, I give them all away. (Heartwood is my home.) I donate them to interested charities or organisations where a strong sense of self and advanced relating skills really make a difference, such as: charity workers; teachers; healthcare workers; police; social services personnel; counsellors of all kinds.

The recipients of the first batch were staff at a local hospice, which felt perfect given my grief work.

I encourage Heart of Relating groups to form within organisations so that interested staff can connect and implement the topic of the week in their workplace together and begin to share a common language.

One book for you will cost £15 (p&p free) and every donated book will be £10

How to relate from a new paradigm is the subject of Heart of Relating and it occurred to me that perhaps there is a way of marketing that fits this paradigm.

The pervading Outside-in Paradigm says: Buy One, Get One Free
(mind-set of wanting to get something – from the outside in)

I imagined that the emerging Inside-out Paradigm would say: Buy One, SET One Free
(mind-set of wanting to give something – from the inside out)

“The giver who gives freely, receives the greatest blessing.”
Native American saying


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Communication Beyond Ego

“A ‘Course in Miracles’ for relationships.”
Also available as an E-book
Please Note: Heart of Relating is BIGGER than most books and costs 23 pence per week’s lesson.
Buy One, Set One Free
To donate to ‘Buy One, Set One Free’ campaign
“A blueprint for transforming through challenge”
“The enlightening B’Hahn family story”

Add the book(s) to your basket and when you are ready to buy just click the Checkout with PayPal button when it appears. Thank you.

If you are in Europe, thank you for purchasing from this website. I no longer sell on Amazon due the the massive loss of profit.