Below is a selection of my published articles which can be downloaded as PDF files.



A Revolution in Relating by Carmella B’Hahn. Taken from Heart of Relating: Communication Beyond Ego, Troubador Publishing, UK, 2015. Required reading for those interested in coaching sessions.

Communication Beyond Ego and Gender by Carmella B’Hahn. Published in She Who Knows Magazine, June 2015.

Authentic Relating: A Magic Bullet? by Carmella B’Hahn. Published by Practice Business, 2016.

The Heart of Relating: Does Your Ego Get in the Way of Relationships? by Carmella B’Hahn. Published by Fabafterfifty, 2015.

Speaking with Heart by Carmella B’Hahn. Powerful short article written especially for parents. Published by London Mums Magazine, 2015.

Shifting Tragedy Consciousness by Carmella B’Hahn, published by Paradigm Shift Magazine, September 2004.

Learning from the Wisdom of Adversity by Carmella B’Hahn, written for Connect Magazine, April 2003.

Mourning as an Initiation by Carmella B’Hahn, published by LifeRites Magazine, Summer 2003.

An Exploration into the Continuity of Consciousness by Carmella B’Hahn. A long, informative article with fascinating stories supporting life before birth and after death. Published in Spirituality and Health International, Summer 2004.

Preparing for the BIG question: What happens when we die? by Carmella B’Hahn. Written specifically for therapists and counsellors. Published in Self and Society, Summer 2008.

Be the Change You Wish to See. An Interview with Arun Gandhi (mahatma Gandhi’s grandson) by Carmella B’Hahn first published in the Premiere issue of Safe Learning (USA), Jan/Feb 2001. Also published in Reclaiming Children and Youth (USA), Spring 2001.

Adversity as a Route to Leadership by Carmella B’Hahn.  A book chapter written for Smart School Leaders: Leading with Emotional Intelligence – Janet Patti and James Tobin, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co., Iowa, (USA) 2005.