Events and Study Groups

icon1-medium-coursesListed below is a varied selection of my past training courses and events. If you want to host an inspirational talk, training or workshop on any of these topics (including living with grief) for your group or business then please do contact me. I am in Devon, UK but do travel.
Each event can be tailored to meet your needs and will be costed accordingly. I will require that you have a ready made group of willing participants or an audience keen for an interesting speaker.

Heart of Relating Study Groups

I am happy to support anyone wanting to form an ongoing study group using the Heart of Relating teachings. The book is designed to be used as an easy course so that learning can be integrated into daily life. This can be done alone but can be more powerful when shared in a couple, or with a  group of friends, family or colleagues. Again you will need to find your own group members and each will need a copy of the book. My experience is that a year long study group will set up healthy communication skills for life. For further info read the Heart of Relating Introduction and watch the video clips on the Heart of Relating ‘Books’ page.

Past Events

The Heart of Relating year-long study group (using the book).
Totnes, Devon.

Restorative Retreats for Educators
The Inner Resilience Project
New York City, USA

Speech Alchemy: Transforming Communication
Totnes, Devon
5 day-long workshops
Including: New Paradigm Relationships; Stepping out of Ego; Authenticity, Blitzing Habits; Speaking from Presence.

Conscious Communication Training
An unusual series of six day-long sessions
Totnes, Devon.
1. Intro: New Paradigm Communication
2. Language as Energy
3. Spring Cleaning Speech & Heart/Mind Fluency
4. Authenticity, Centering & Synchronicity
5. The Group Field & Other Realms
6. SoulSpeak & Intimate Presence

Talk for Bournemouth Positive Living Group
Birth, Death and Beyond:
Exploring the BIG Questions

Life After Life?
Exploring the Continuity of Consciousness
Raising the Phoenix
Weekend workshops at Adam House, West Midlands.

Birth and Death as Transitions
At the Love and Life After Birth Conference
Rudolf Steiner School, Devon.

Death: The Great Adventure
A Transformational Approach to Death, Dying and Grief
Residential Wrekin Trust weekend
(Co-facilitated with Janice Dolley and Bernadette Cleary)
At Hawkwood College, Gloucestershire.

Spirituality, Death and Bereavement
A day for those working holistically with death, grief
and life after death.
Totnes, Devon.

Mourning Has Broken
Holistic Grief in the New Millennium
Weekend workshop
Hazelwood House, Devon.

Conscious Conception and Holistic Birth
A talk
At the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland


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