Heart of Relating

Carmella B’Hahn

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Heart of Relating

Carmella B’Hahn.

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My two primary passions make up my business:

  • Relating and communicating from the heart of who we are
  • Using challenges, grief and loss as fuel for vital inner work

Course, Talk, or Study Group?

Short courses and talks on enhancing communication and relating skills or surviving and healing through loss / death can be tailored to your group or business needs.

The creation of Study Groups using Heart of Relating: Communication Beyond Ego to transform communication patterns is encouraged.

See the free articles, and read the book's introduction on the Heart of Relating ‘Books’ page for more about Study Groups or click below for courses info.


Bereavement Support will help you BREAKTHROUGH rather than break down; to survive and then thrive.

Counselling, in person (Devon UK) or by Skype is with me, Carmella B'Hahn, and is BY DONATION. I have lived through the death of a child, miscarriages and loss of other loved ones.

Take a look at the free articles; my books about recovering from grief, loss and death (Benjaya's Gifts and Mourning Has Broken); and the 'Thriving Through Grief' Facebook page. Click below for info on personal sessions.

Want Better Relationships?

The handbook Heart of Relating: Communication Beyond Ego is designed to positively transform your relationships with yourself, others and life. Use the easy-to-learn communication skills to release dysfunctional patterns with family, friends, partners and colleagues. In addition, Communication Coaching, in person or by Skype, can make a complete support package.

Read the book's introduction and watch the short video clips on the Heart of Relating ‘Books’ page, explore the free articles or click below for coaching info.


Dear Readers

You are welcome here, exactly the way you are. I invite you to slow down for a moment and give yourself the luxury of exploring spaciously the different things on offer here that could support you and those you love. And as you surf this site, know that you are connecting with who I am as well as what I do because my offerings are an expression of what makes my heart sing. Thank you for visiting me in this way, whether or not we ever connect directly. Sincerely Yours Carmella B'Hahn

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